Here at Farmstead our mission is to connect people more closely to the food they eat. We believe firmly that knowing how the food you eat is produced is critical to our humanity (unless, that is, you do not eat).


There is something intrinsicly human about preparing the ground, planting seeds, caring for them as they grow and then harvesting the results. A gardener grows in knowledge and spirit as she tends the garden. We want our customers to share in the bounty of our selections of seeds and plants and benefit from the expertise that we have developed in growing food. Its our hope that each of our customers grows as a gardener and person through their relationship with us. You can find everything required to grow your own food right here at Farmstead.


If growing is intrinsicly human, then eating is essentially animalian. In the same way that the soil must digest fallen leaves and perished insects/animals to feed plants we are also involved in a destructive process that leads to life. It is true that we all must consume in order to live. At Farmstead, we're interested in the type of consuming that honors the process of growing the food. We are interested in the sensuous, sustaining, unique, boundary expanding type of eating (and therefore cooking) that is easy to enjoy and thoughtful. Through our chef's dinners, Grow & Eat classes and recipe/cooking information you're sure to enjoy the taste of Farmstead!